Okuhinga Project

The Batwa in Uganda, initially lived in the BwiNdi Impenetrable National Forest until they were evicted in 1991, causing them to become conservation refugees, with no home and dependent on the Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Conservation Trust (MBIFCT). The eviction of the Batwa from their homeland came as a result of the need for environmental conservation, despite the fact that they had lived in harmony with the ecosystem throughout their history in this area.

Fundraising Goal:  Raise funds to support implementation of Sustainable Agricultural interventions that will improve the social- economical welfare of the Batwa people.

Theme – Agriculture – an effective tool for economic empowerment among marginalized Batwa communities’


  • Community empowerment;
  • Increased access to agriculture inputs, tools, and market
  • Enhance Food security /Increased Agriculture production
  • Improved Nutrition especially among children;
  • Increased employment opportunities/livelihood
  • Improved access to social services;
  • Improved access to agriculture finance;
Implementation: (Two Phased Approach)

Phase 1 - Complete

  • Engage local Batwa leaders and stakeholders regarding Stitching Kyakabi’s intervention. (Local Council leaders, Parish leaders, elders, religious leaders, community leaders etc). Buy in from local leaders will ensure effective implementation and sustainability of Kyakabi’s projects.
  • Identify suitable agricultural interventions based on soil and weather
  • Selection of Pilot villages/communities for engagement
  • Grouping of individuals/homes for proper monitoring and evaluation
  • Identify Effective partners with aligning goals
  • Conduct sensitization and awareness campaigns among the selected communities