About Kyakabi

The Kyakabi Foundation (Stichting) is a community based social initiative that is aimed at creating a positive social change in developing societies through transformative arts and imaginative education to young people in different communities, enhancing self-sustaining development projects where young people and communities can evolve.

The Founder

My name is Recab Mwesigye, Friends call me “Rey”. Growing up in different stages of life, I got to be familiar with different environments that shaped me till date.

One of the most interesting stages of my life was growing up in the low-income community of “Kamwanyi” a ghetto suburb in Kampala Uganda. I was humbled by the blessings of what this community brought to me, not only by bringing out the best in me but also appreciating the little that we had as a family at the time. Seeing many of my friends get miss-lead in the prime of their youth. This taught me to be different, resilient and acknowledge the fact that it was a struggle we were all going through and the only way we could have better livelihoods was to motivate each other and as a collective prosper together.

As I grew older and travelled the world, I always had it at the back of my mind that my dream was not forgotten but rather was just a matter of time to engage in motivating the young people in this community to work as a collective and strive to greatness.

Thus, Stitching Kyakabi was founded on these strong pillars of a young boy that promised to deliver when the time came.

The Kyakabi Foundation was established on December 30, 2020. The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The Kyakabi Foundation is a foundation with a board. The board consists of all voluntary and enthusiastic members who are committed to the foundation.

Our Board

The board of the Kyakabi Foundation in Uganda.
In order to be able to carry out our work in Uganda properly, our foundation also has a representation in Uganda. The board there consists of the following persons:

– Recab Mwesigye, Chairman
– Joy Tumwesigye, Vice President
– Daniel Ayebare, Treasurer
– Alvin Mbabazi Bugeiga, Board Member

The board of the Kyakabi Foundation in the Netherlands;

– Shawn Cruden, President
– Cindy Blacquiere, Secretary, Treasurer
– Allen Ampaire, Secretary

Project Goal

To be the leading social transformation movement through music dance and drama that lure the youths into skills development activities, employment and increased productivity on the whole.

Our Mission

To transform the lives of as many disadvantaged youths as possible suffering from drug abuse, poverty, mental health and unemployment through music, dance and drama as a major attraction point(trigger) to join constructive outcome.