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It is believed that most countries in the world, Africa as a case study has a large number of people dying of famine and starvation every year. Under the Kyakabi Foundation, OKUHINGA FARMING PROJECT is a platform to educate low income communities about the importance of farming and how to sustain food production in a long run as a means to inform but also teach the relevant farming skills of crop preservation and cultivation.

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Kyakabi Afro Fusion Project

A stichting Kyakabi community project aimed at creating a positive social balance amongst young people in low-income communities. This project involves community outreach campaigns with Music, Dance and drama as a trigger to lure in young people and engage them in informative Education.

We hope to tackle drug abuse amongst young people, Child abuse, mental health to mention but a few. This project hopes to educate and involve as many communities as possible to provide awareness of the basic tools to a better future since young people are indeed the pillars of a society through which great leaders evolve.

Ndi Wakabi Community Project

The Ndi Wakabi (a Stichting Kyakabi project) is a community based social initiative project that is aimed at creating a positive social change in developing societies through transformative arts and imaginative education to young people in different communities, enhancing self-sustaining development platforms where young people and communities can evolve.
The project emphasises, self awareness, skill training, counselling and above all monitoring the development of the young people under our prestigious project.

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